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Change Wix Template

Editing a Template From the Wix Explore Page | Help Center |

Editing a Template From the Wix Explore Page | Help Center |

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If you’re like me, you’ve spent many long days adding widgets to your Wix model, hoping that this will increase your conversion rate. Today I will show you how to change the Wix template in WordPress so that your widget is no longer added to the bottom of the page.

To make this change to your Wix model, you must first access the pages of your WordPress blog. From there you have to access the ‘wp-content / plugins’ page and then add a new plugin using the search field.

You should now have a new option to enable the Show search box. After adding the new option, you can choose which page you want to use when editing. We recommend that you select the post or page where you want the widget to appear.

After making this change to your Wix model, you can add a new widget. Make sure you’re using the same Wix model as before, then add a button that says “x”. This allows your widget to be displayed as soon as the visitor clicks on this button.

To make the new widget more attractive, you need to add some additional information to the widget. Just make sure it’s clear what your widget is for. It is very important to add more information as this is what most people want to read first.

When adding additional information to the widget, it is recommended that you add the company logo and URL for the page where the widget is located. This will help attract more visitors to your website.

If all goes well, now that you know how to edit the Wix template in WordPress, you can increase the conversion rate. This is very important if you want to make money online.

Once you understand this tip, you will find that you can use it to start your own business. The more widgets you add, the more conversions you get.

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