Letter from the President

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in Academy School of Careers (ASC). I would like to share with you some information on what ASC can provide for the community and how it has evolved within the education field. The demand for business skills and bilingual individuals has increased steadily over the last years and the demand continues to grow for these services. ASC was established in 1983 and has served hundreds of students in the twin cities, El Paso and Juarez.

Academy School of Careers has provided education services to El Paso’s Community for the last 25 years. We look back with great pride and look forward with excitement, as well as enthusiasm as ASC remains in the forefront of helping the community. ASC enriches the lives of dislocated, unskilled workers by teaching English as a second language and aiding those in acquiring their GED Certificate.  We have expanded our educational services by offering Computer Programs, Medical Programs,Truck Driving (CDL), Book Keeping Assistant.

These courses were added to help you meet the new challenges in today’s business environment.

Our goal is to provide you with the skills of today’s technology. At our [technical school] you have the ability to understand, learn, and use the innovations of tomorrow. We want to help you grow in your business skills and become independent economically and an asset to the community. We feel that vocational training in our modern facility provides a solid base for your personal growth and development. ASC voluntarily participates in many community activities and maintains membership on a number of service-oriented organizations. Our staff and faculty give their personal time to community support services and serve on important community boards. The schools foremost obligation is to you, by providing the preeminent opportunities for success in the job market in today’s business environment.


Laura Winter
President and CEO
Academy School of Careers 

Contact us today in to find out more about how our technical school can improve your future.