Technical & Vocational School Programs at Academy School of Careers in El Paso, TX

Truck Driving/CDL Programs 

Trucking is a growing industry and is always looking for new employees. Transportation companies still want drivers to have qualified hands on training and attend leading school like Academy School of Careers. Our school provides the beginning for a very successful and secure trucking career.

Computer Programs

There is no limit to where your career will take you after completing one of our certified computer programs. Technology is the future. Prepare yourself and attain the computer knowledge necessary to excel.

Medical Programs

At Academy School of Careers we offer a wide variety of medical programs, including medical assistant programs designed to prepare you for an in demand job position in the ever growing field of medicine.                              

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Letter from the President

At Academy School of Careers, you are able to receive the knowledge to succeed in today’s job market. View our letter from the president to learn more about the opportunities we have for you.

About Us

At our career schools in El Paso and Carrollton, Texas, bilingual courses are offered in the fields of Trucking/CDL ,computer programs and medicine.  Our smaller class size ensures that your questions are always heard and answered. Our job placement program secures your successful future in the career of your choosing. And, based upon available funding, scholarships may be provided to those who qualify.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, Academy School of Careers’ success has enabled us to expand with our new location in Carrollton, Texas. Our newest facility has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date educational experience.

Celebrating 30 Years!
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